Singapore Untamed was first conceptualised by our team member, Alexis, as a way to educate players about evolution and inter-species competition for a university ecology module. Since then, it has transformed into a more beginner-friendly and casual game which seeks to highlight Singapore’s rich biodiversity and landscape. Players will discover the amazing hidden wildlife in our lush local habitats, while learning about evolutionary game theory and how species ingeniously adapt to different environments. Through fun and engaging gameplay, we hope players can gain a deeper appreciation for Singapore’s natural biodiversity.

The team worked on this project from May 2020 to March 2022, with support from Accommodate SG, and funding provided by the SG Eco Fund 2020. As development began during the Circuit Breaker and continued through the COVID-19 pandemic, majority of our meetings and game trials were held online.

Past trial of Singapore Untamed (before we even had a name) and an early card design

Singapore Untamed is proudly presented to you by (from left to right): Wong Jun Hao, Chan Wan Ting, Alexis Goh, Pang Tien Feng, Zhang Chenxin