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Welcome to Accommodate, an education initiative which uses role-play and simulation to raise awareness about land-redevelopment issues in Singapore.

Accommodate is first and foremost, a collection of stories. Stories of changes we see in the built environment over time and space in reality, which reveals to us what Singapore is like – people, places and priorities.

Accommodate is a fictitious game which will encourage you to examine your reality. We ask questions that again, considers people, places and priorities. What do you care about? What do people other than you care about? Why should we care about what others care about? Why should we care in the first place? 

Participants get to role-play and discover for themselves the complexity of issues related to land-redevelopment in Singapore, with issues involving environmental, cultural and socio-economic perspectives and multiple stakeholders. Various concepts such as trade-offs, priorities and the need for communication and collaboration during the decision making process can also be experienced. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a unique and holistic experience for participants to learn through role-play and game and to introduce social, environmental, economic and cultural issues in Singapore related to urban redevelopment.

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Our Approach

We aim to impact our participants through adopting a 3-step model.

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Engage our participants

Through our game, you are given the opportunity to step in the shoes of ministry officers in a land redevelopment exercise. With carefully selected game mechanics and effective facilitation, the Accommodate experience is an out-of-the-world and exciting one.

Educate our participants

Accommodate would like to reinvent education by bringing new methods for participants to acquire content knowledge. Our carefully planned debrief sessions dives deeper into the land parcels in our game which references real scenarios in Singapore. Examples include conflicts/ policies like Cross Island Line, Sungei Road, Bukit Brown, Dakota Crescent and more.

Empower our participants

Our program empowers participants to explore, reflect on and synthesis ideas and perspectives and translate them into actions. To encourage participants to take follow-up actions after our game, we hope to be able to curate a customised resource sheet for each participant based on the issues that they indicated interest for. They could even volunteer and get in touch with our diverse and vast network of community partners.

Our Programs

We offer a number of amazing workshops for different clients!

Drop an email at accommodateSG@gmail.com , stating the date, time, venue, number of participants and student profile. Rest assured that the Accommodate team will get back to you shortly!

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