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Welcome to Accommodate, an education initiative which uses role-play and simulation to raise awareness about land-redevelopment issues in Singapore.

Accommodate is first and foremost, a collection of stories. Stories of changes we see in the built environment over time and space in reality, which reveals to us what Singapore is like – people, places and priorities.

Accommodate is a fictitious game which will encourage you to examine your reality. We ask questions that again, considers people, places and priorities. What do you care about? What do people other than you care about? Why should we care about what others care about? Why should we care in the first place? 

Participants get to role-play and discover for themselves the complexity of issues related to land-redevelopment in Singapore, with issues involving environmental, cultural and socio-economic perspectives and multiple stakeholders. Various concepts such as trade-offs, priorities and the need for communication and collaboration during the decision making process can also be experienced. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a unique and holistic experience for participants  to learn through role-play and game and to  introduce social, environmental and cultural issues in Singapore related to urban redevelopment.


Read more about our approach below.

Our Approach

We aim to impact our participants through adopting a 3-step model.

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  • Engage
  • Educate
  • Empower

Engage our participants

Through our game, you are given the opportunity to step in the shoes of ministry officers in a land redevelopment exercise. With carefully selected game mechanics and effective facilitation, the Accommodate experience is an out-of-the-world and exciting one.

Educate our participants

Accommodate would like to reinvent education by bringing new methods for participants to acquire content knowledge. Our carefully planned debrief sessions dives deeper into the land parcels in our game which references real scenarios in Singapore. Examples include conflicts/ policies like Cross Island Line, Sungei Road, Bukit Brown, Dakota Crescent and more.

Empower our participants

Our program empowers participants to explore, reflect on and synthesis ideas and perspectives and translate them into actions. To encourage participants to take follow-up actions after our game, we hope to be able to curate a customised resource sheet for each participant based on the issues that they indicated interest for. They could even volunteer and get in touch with our diverse and vast network of community partners.

Our Programs

We offer a number of amazing workshops for different clients!

Drop an email at accommodateSG@gmail.com , stating the date, time, venue, number of participants and student profile. Rest assured that the Accommodate team will get back to you shortly!

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  • Secondary Schools
  • Junior Colleges (IHLS)
  • Others

More Information will be provided soon.

  • Secondary Schools
  • Junior Colleges (IHLS)
  • Others

More Information will be provided soon.

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Snippets of Accommodate

Meet The Team

Chua Ying Xuan

Co - Founder (Head of Operations)

Ying Xuan is an advocate for sustainability. She first started out by volunteering with various environmental NGOs in Singapore before leading campus-wide green initiatives around the NTU campus and representing Singapore for several conferences in the ASEAN region.  She also has since also gone on to explore the possibility of advocating for greater corporate sustainability by working for MNCs such as Unilever and Marina Bay Sands. Ying Xuan hopes that Accommodate could be a platform for self-discovery for youths in Singapore to pursue their passions.

Sammie Ng

Co - Founder (Head of Programmes)

Sammie considers herself a lover of knowledge and an aspiring advocate. After taking a gap year where she volunteered both locally and overseas, she has transformed into someone who believes she can do much more than just scoring in examinations. She is passionate about various causes, mostly to do with elderly care, early childhood education, the environment, development and the list goes on. Currently, she is happily studying in the University of Hong Kong and leading sustainability initiatives like Urban Farming and Energy Innovation in her residential college.

Hazeera Bi

Head of Marketing

Hazeera is an International Relations student who has recently embarked on her green journey. She tries to spread the green gospel through creative methods of engagement and the world of aesthetics. When she is not at her computer, she tries to be the jane-of-all-trades by being involved in human rights and the non-profit sector. Standing up for what she stands on, she hopes to make sustainable change in her attempts to convert the unconverted.

Vanessa Poh

Projects Manager

Vanessa is a science student with a heart for the humanities. She enjoys drama and music as much as she enjoys physics and coding. After undertaking a transformative fellowship and internship with Ground-Up Initiative, she has become invested in community building through innovative workshops and methods. Being a lover of fun, she aspires to one day design rollercoasters. However, she is happy to design Accommodate’s game for the time being. She is also currently undergoing another training programme under Dramabox..

Chan Wan Ting

Programme Design Head

Wan Ting is a highly energetic individual who hopes to pass on her joy and positivity to others around her. As an animal lover, her passion for cute little creatures has brought her onto a learning journey that opened her eyes to the very threats of climate change. Now, she wants to do her part in protecting our environment. Through Accommodate, she hopes that she is taking her first step in creating change, and to reach out to more people to rise up to meaningful causes. She hopes to see a day when everyone can set aside their selfish desires that harm our fragile little planet.

Wong Jun Hao

Programme Content Head

Jun Hao is a passionate individual who hopes to ignite a change in the world through exploring different perspectives.  On top of being a public policy and global affairs major, Jun Hao is an active member of diverse organisations from environmental organisations to community grassroots. Through multiple lens, Jun Hao is able connect the dots between political, social and environmental issues through both a bottom-up and top-down approach.

Sammi Soh


Sammi is a geography student with a heart for communities. Over the years, she has been active in understanding and engaging with diverse communities. She is passionate about learning sign language and interacting with the Deaf community, and believes that cultivating empathy towards others enables us to make meaningful connections. Through Accommodate, she hopes to highlight different communities in Singapore and to encourage more people to take the first step in understanding those communities.

Our Facilitators

Our Advisors

Jordan Tham

Conjunct Consulting

With a background in Operations and Strategic Management, Jordan is a results driven individual who aims to deliver sustainable impact. His belief of “building a community for the greater good” and his experience from management consulting has led him to volunteer with Conjunct Consulting. He is currently providing pro bono strategy consulting services for Non-Profit Organizations in Singapore. Besides advising and being involved in Accommodate’s business development, Jordan is busy pursuing his interests in song writing and dragon-boating.


Irwin See

Irwin's Study

Irwin See is the managing director and founder of Irwin’s Study Pte Ltd in 2009, which he set up after years of teaching GP in a MOE JCs. Today, Irwin’s Study is not only well-known for effective GP tuition but also for its contributions to the community through its partnership with MENDAKI in its A-Level Tuition Subsidy Scheme. Recently, he was also appointed as the Chairman of one of the Advisory Committees of Singapore Cancer Society’s ‘Help the Children and Youth Programme’. To further the social impact of Irwin’s Study, Irwin founded The Seed Initiative in June 2018. It aims to provide seed funding and mentoring for social projects that make a positive difference in our worlds, be it in health, education, equality, or social justice. The philosophy of ‘Blessed to be a Blessing’ is a creed that he holds dear to his heart.

An old Raffles Institution boy, Irwin attended the London School of Economics (LSE) for his Bachelor’s degree and Oxford University for his Master’s degree.

Ruo Mei Chua

SUTW Consulting

Driven by a mission to develop a purpose-driven generation and being a mentor by disposition, Ruo-Mei Chua founded Smiling Up The World (SUTW) Impact Consulting, a training consultancy that works closely with universities and corporations to develop millennial professionals from 20 to 40. She has personally trained/spoken to more than 10,000 people worldwide. Key topics include Brand Storytelling, Startup & Corporate Pitching, Future of Work Career Advisory, and Values-Driven Vision Design. 

Ruo Mei has lived and worked in five countries, and speaks four main languages. She has been featured on Singapore and Japan’s largest news networks Channel NewsAsia and NHK World, moderated events for global conglomerates such as NatGeo and interviewed guests from ministers, to presidents and CEOs

Ruo Mei graduated phi beta kappa, magna cum laude from Brown University, and is a proud scholar-alumna of United World College (UWC) of The Atlantic.


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