The key objectives of Citizen Reporter are to introduce contemporary urban issues to students in an engaging manner that goes beyond the usual tertiary curriculum (pre-university) and to help them develop skills to critically study and write on them. Participants will get to learn about urban issues, deeply explore one of their choice and undertake independent research of it.

Sammie Ng
Mentor, Co-Founder of Accommodate
Sammie is studying Urban Studies in the University of Hong Kong and leading sustainability initiatives like Urban Farming and Energy Innovation in her residential college. During the Citizen Reporter programme, she conducted discussions regarding "Nature & Environment" and participatory planning.

Carmen Gum
Carmen is a Real Estate student from NUS, and she is drawn to issues relating to the Housing and Inequality pillar. She shared about these issues during the two Zoom Workshops, particularly on how policies and circumstances influences daily lives.

Rachel Chan
Rachel is currently studying Psychology in NTU. She was responsible for liaising with the participants for the programme, and helped in the execution of the workshops.

Radhika Gupta
Radhika is currently studying Public Policy and Global Affairs at NTU. She focuses on the "Community and Citizenship" pillar, shining a spotlight on the different communities in Singapore and our multiple identities in it.

Sandra Tan
Sandra is currently studying Social Anthropology and Politics at the University of Edinburgh. She focuses on the topic of "Collective Memory", bringing light the value of certain places here in Singapore and what has come out of it over the years.

Yeo Shi Tan
Yeo Shi will be studying Smart City Management and Technology in SMU this year. He is responsible for all the marketing materials related to Citizen Reporter. He was also part of the Writer's Clinic, teaching our participants graphic design to make their articles more visually appealing.
Esther An, CDL
As Chief Sustainability Officer of City Developments Limited (CDL), Esther wields her knowledge, skills and enthusiasm to act as an ardent advocate of the environmental, social and governance principles (ESG) underlying sustainable development.

Ruo Mei Chua, SUTW Impact
Ruo-Mei Chua is an authentic brand storyteller, international career consultant, and highly sought-after pitch coach to award-winning startups and social enterprises. With a heart for liberating people to their fullest potential, she has inspired more than 13,000 people from across 25 countries.

Irwin See, Irwin’s Study
Founder of Irwin’s Study, which is an unique tuition centre specializing in GP tuition. Irwin also started The Seed Initiative which provides funding and mentoring for social projects that make a positive difference in our world.

Weightage of Scores



Average of the 3 Judges’ Scores

Mentor Team


Average of the 6 Mentors’ Scores

Grading Rubric


Level of Engagement (10%)

How engaging is the final submission?

*dependent on the type of medium

Clarity, Flow and Structure


Is the logic of the final submission easy to follow and understand?

Is the language clear and concise, aiding comprehension of ideas?

Quality of Research and Originality of Ideas


How original is the final submission in exploring a particular social issue in Singapore?

How well was the research carried out and how far do they support the points put forth in the submission?

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