Accommodate @ Hillgrove Secondary School

On 16th November 2018, Accommodate conducted a game simulation with 36 Hillgrovians, made up of Secondary 1 to 3 student leaders from Council, Environmental and National Education Advocates. It was the first time Accommodate was played in a secondary school, with our youngest participants yet 🙂  The game was hosted by 3 Accommodate facilitators, and with the help of 4 teacher helpers.

When a ministry successfully bid for a land, a representative from the ministry was invited to read out their plans they have for the land, and the outcomes from redevelopment. This serves to provide students with an opportunity to hone their public speaking skills.

The debrief was embedded into each of the 3 rounds of game, with respective debrief points for each round.

Round 1 Debrief: Metrics

The concept of metrics are explained through the game indicators. Students were asked to reflect on the importance of metrics and to find examples of metrics/ indicators are observed in their everyday life?

Round 2 Debrief: Sustainability

Importance of achieving a balance between environment, economic and social sustainability in the country’s development. A case study of mangroves in Singapore was shared with students.

Round 3: Overall Debrief

Students were asked to find spot the differences between the Accommodate Simulation and in the real world. Similarities were pointed out as well – in how Accommodate land parcels reference real landmarks in Singapore. A case study of Sungei Road Market (referencing Free Hawking Zone on the game map) was shared with the participants, including a 2 minute video.

Students were asked to reflect upon the people affected during urban redevelopment decisions and the importance of understanding the needs of citizens during the decision making process. Similarly, as student leaders, they should be able to communicate and collaborate with their peers before making decisions.

Participants were asked to fill out a short survey on the programme. 35 responses were obtained. Participants mostly commented that workshop was the exciting and fun and enjoyed the way the game was played.

When asked about one thing they liked about the workshop: 

“Enjoyable because we have to strategise properly in order to win”

“How innovative they can be and how much hard work they put in”

When asked about one thing they learnt from the workshop:

“I learnt  how difficult it is to choose what place to demolish in order to develop the country”

How to communicate with fellow peers to achieve our goals”

“Think about others when I make decisions”

“How decisions were made to develop Singapore”

“Real world context problems through mini games”

Seeing the students having fun while learning certainly put a smile on our faces. It has been a joy working with student leaders from Hillgrove Secondary School.

Due to PDPA reasons, we cannot post pictures of the event itself, so here are some team photos at the school!


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