Accommodate @ NUS Sustainability Office

Co-organised with NUS Office of Sustainability, Accommodate conducted a closed-doors game simulation at NUS on On 27/2/2019, and received a demographically diverse turn-out of varied age ranges.

Post-game Takeaways

Learning Points:

  • The importance of having a collective strategy
  • Some possibilities to conserve the urban places

Discussion Points: 

  • Advocacy work has gotten easier over the years with subtle progressive changes in the civil service atmosphere¬†
  • It is always mutually beneficial to think of the current establishment as being on the same side as you, with the same overall goal of a better society, and to work in a collaborative manner instead of the traditional confrontational concepts of activism
  • Facts and research are very significant reasons to fall back on when negotiating real changes.
  • The overall climate of fear and a general aversion from forming ground-up communities has waned in the past decade, and it is very encouraging how many new groups are popping up, advocating fervently for a plethora of causes

Participants also gave valuable feedback on how the workshop could be improved:

  • The importance of having a collective strategy
  • More possibilities for conservation of land
  • Elements of public consultation in the game as the game focuses takes a wholly intra-government angle

The Accommodate team will take all feedback into account in order to deliver better Accommodate experiences to future participants. 

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