U-Heart: Accommodate for Climate Change

In order to raise awareness about climate change and open up the discussion for Climate Action, Accommodate organised U-Heart: Accommodate for Climate Change on the 12th of August at the Singapore Sustainability Academy, its third public outreach event. 

The event consisted of two segments – (1) The Accommodate Game Simulation and (2) Panel Discussion. 48 participants joined the event in total and 15 volunteer team members from Accommodate were present. 

The Accommodate Game Simulation

A total of 26 participants joined two concurrent sessions of the Accommodate Game Simulation. Participants got the chance to step into the shoes of policy makers, as they role-played as Ministry Officers competing for land to redevelop and build a Singapore that they envision. Our land-use simulation game aims to explore the decision making process when it comes to urban planning and redevelopment in Singapore. While this game is by no means an exact representation of the actual process, it will help us understand what it takes to balance priorities in a country that wants to do so much with so little.

Re-designed to focus specifically on the issue of climate change, participants also got to explore the relationship between economic and population growth as well as climate change. They also got to learn how urbanisation mediates it, and how it can make a difference as to whether the former are risks, or opportunities for climate change.

The debrief also included a segment informing them about various climate change-related issues and climate action initiatives in Singapore, such as the development of solar energy and the necessity to protect mangroves.

Climate Action Pledge

After the game ended, participants were encouraged to take the climate action pledge by going to Ministry of Water and Environmental Resources (MWER) website. 

45 pledges were made by our participants and volunteers to reduce their carbon footprint through taking simple steps in their daily lives such as refusing plastic straws, bringing their own reusable shopping bag and purchasing Green Label products.

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